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KYRIOS 4 KIDS Related Questions

- Where do the classes take place? Classes are presented once a week AT YOUR CHILD’S SCHOOL! Can it be more convenient? And it’s affordable too. Please contact us for prices.
- From what age can my child start with Kyrios 4 Kids? My child is three years old. Is that too young? Children from age 3 to 12 (Grade 7) can become part of our Kyrios family. We have a program specifically designed for the little ones that targets their developmental needs. Recently we have also developed a more advanced program for the older children
- In what language are the classes presented? Classes are presented in both English and Afrikaans, depending on the preferred language of the school.
- What is the duration of a class? Classes are 30-45 minutes long, depending on the age of the child. The younger children’s classes (age 3 to 8) will not exceed 30 minutes, since they still have a relatively short attention span.
- How big are the groups? Groups consist of anything between 2-10 children. We don’t take more than 10 children in a group, as we still want to give individual attention to each child. The ideal number of children in a group is five. As soon as the group grows bigger than 10 children, we split the group in half.
- What about the presenters? Are they qualified to present the classes? I don’t want people working with my child who don’t know what they’re doing!  Yes, the presenters are qualified to present the classes. Michelle has a BA. Audiovisual Production Management degree, and is a qualified drama teacher. From a very young age she also attended drama classes herself. The other presenters are either fully qualified teachers and drama teachers, or they are fully trained before they can present classes. But more importantly: We’re all crazy about drama and child development; and we have a BIG heart for children. Every child is special to us, and we want to see each and every one become all they can be in life.
- My child has speech problems. Will your program improve his speech? Yes, we definitely see the children’s speech improve! But in some cases more intensive speech therapy is needed. In such cases we refer the child to a speech therapist.
- My child is very shy! She literally hides behind my leg when we come into contact with other people. Will your program help improve her self-confidence? We’ve had amazing results with this program. I have not seen one child whose self-confidence has not improved through this program. In just a few weeks you’ll see an improvement in your child’s confidence. Even the very shy children come out of their shells. It takes a little time, but we get amazing results.
- I want my child to take part in eisteddfods. Will you be able to train her for that? We can enroll and train children for eisteddfods. But we don’t force any children to take part in eisteddfods. Our program is more focused on the development of the child, than on competition.