Our Story


By: Michelle Muller, founder of Kyrios Speech and Drama

It all started one beautiful summer morning with a puppet show.

I was part of a drama group that performed a puppet show at nursery schools. Our goal was to impact children’s lives. But I never would have thought that the one who would be impacted the most by this whole experience, would be… ME!

That day I encountered so many children with low self-esteem, speech problems etc. My eyes were opened to see a growing need in schools and nursery schools for a program that would address these problems. I walked away that day with a burning desire in my heart to help change children’s lives, and to help them become all they can be.

And that’s how the Kyrios 4 Kids development and drama program came about!

I used my knowledge and experience from years of drama classes and my university degree to develop a program that uses drama as a medium to teach children valuable life skills, and to help them develop in all areas of their lives. We're now a team on a mission to change lives of children.

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KYRIOS 4 KIDS is a program with a difference!
We focus on just about every essential aspect to equip children with the fundamentals to excel in academic, emotional, sport, and social areas of their lives!
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